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Trouble In Tennessee

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People who knew Treble James called her Trouble


Although she'd returned to Joyous, Tennessee, to help her sister through a rough pregnancy, the townsfolk expected their former wild child to get bored and run back to Atlanta long before the baby was born.Even the town's new doctor was worried Treble's antics would upset not only the mother-to-be, but her ailing stepfather

And after what he'd been through, he wanted to keep it that way.Keith starts to change his opinion on the benefits of peace and quiet when things heat up between him and Treble

But is the big-city girl going to leave him in the lurch, or will she stay in her former hometown and put the 'joy' back into Keith's life

Keith Caldwell might be handsome and worldly, but he loved the quiet town of Joyous precisely because it was safe and predictable